Custom Development

Custom Development

Nowadays many demands on IT systems can be already fulfilled by standard products. But still it is not always possible to have all the requirements covered, and it is necessary to develop your own new and innovative solution. We create concepts for complex software systems based on our know-how and implement them using state-of-the-art technologies. Beneath some samples of individual developments from various fields are listed.

ITCS Load Tester & Simulator - The ITCS Load Tester simulates the behavior of ITCS clients in public transport in Upper Austria and thus provides the opportunity to check the performance of the ITCS system (PUBLIQ.operation), a software developed by GEVAS. On one hand the ITCS Load Tester allows load testing, visualizing and statistically analyzing an arbitrary number of simulated clients on arbitrarily definable traffic routes of public transport in Upper Austria, and on the other it enables to simulate selected target routes in real time. In order to provide reference data for real time comparison with data from the real vehicles the simulation component also allows to simulate all vehicles currently used in public transport in Upper Austria.
Data United GmbH – Consulting - For the Data United GmbH, a company located in Munic, sew systems gmbh took over the conception, planning and the system design of the entire IT infrastructure as well as the conception and the design of the software components on both the server and client side for their seniors tablet solution.
HODG - is a tool for optimizing and visualizing the logic processes on the factory premises of the Hödlmayr Logistics Austria in Schwertberg. Vehicle movements are optimized in terms of labor, time and moving distance and the current stock status as well as the position and the history of every single vehicle is visualized in a master control application.
KVS+ - KVS+ is an extension of the Java and AWT based KVS framework which is used at Keba in order to build up complex machine control software. As for state of the art user interfaces gesture control elements are nearly mandatory, the aim of this extension was to integrate gesture control mechanisms into the existing KVS framework in a way where only minimal or even no modifications to already deployed applications are required.
NLT (News-Letter-Tool) - The newsletter tool (NLT) is a flexible and into the content management system of the TTG integrated tool for sending mass mailings (> 100,000). It includes both automated cleanup of data strain upon defined bouncing rules, as well as taking into account the prescribed according RTR provisions for sending commercial mailings. The statistical component enables textual and graphical analysis and the delivery of planned reports to the respective transmissions.


Rights Disclaimer

All projects listed above were implemented either completely, partly or with the participation of either the sew systems gmbh, formerly Software Engineering Weichselbaum, or of Otto Weichselbaum ad personam, either as a contractor, sub-contractor or as an employee and are merely illustrative of the know-how at sew systems gmbh.

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